With an estimated 507,000 musculoskeletal disorders reported last year in the U.K. alone and 8.9 million working days lost throughout the same period, biomechanical prediction assessments are regularly utilised amongst physical therapists in an attempt to predict injuries in patients prior to their occurrence (‘Statistics – Work related musculoskeletal disorders’,[…]

Well, you may have noticed a lot of hype in the news recently in relation to Cannabidiol, CBD or hemp oil. I’ve even seen one article referring to 2018 as the year of CBD! So, what’s it all about, is it good for me or is it dangerous? Will I[…]


Marvellous Magnesium

Do you ever have difficulty sleeping, even though you feel exhausted? Feel anxious, but you’re not sure why? Have cravings for sugar and salt no matter how much you eat? These could be signs of a deficiency in a specific nutrient: magnesium. It is one of the most abundant minerals[…]

  There’s a growing belief among experts that when it comes to children’s footwear, the best shoe may be no shoe at all. Studies have shown that there are more likely to be disadvantages and problems from wearing shoes from an early age, than not wearing them. Such as; deformation[…]

You soon learn as an osteopath that every body is different and unique. No two postures, movements or conditions are the same from one person to another. That being said however, there are certain things that you become very used to seeing; tight hip flexors being a prime example. We[…]

PLANNING A SNOWY ADVENTURE? With the European skiing and snowboarding in full swing, we’re seeing a lot more patients with injuries sustained on the slopes coming through the doors of the clinic. Skiing and snowboarding does have a reputation of being a risky sport, but the overall injury rate for[…]


New Year, Fresh Start

It’s official – the festive session is over. The Christmas decorations are back in the loft and if like me, you’re probably feeling like you’ve well and truly over indulged on just about everything. For some people, January can be a tricky time of year. It marks a feeling of[…]

Anxiety disorders come with many emotional and physical symptoms such as worry, lack of sleep, poor concentration, sweating, nausea, palpitations, dizziness, muscle tension and aches, tension headaches and back pain, to name but a few. The majority of us will have suffered from one or more of these symptoms in[…]

As an effective and reliable solution for running injuries and recurring pains, Active Release Techniques (ART) ® has been gaining much popularity in the sports related medical field. This patented therapy targets soft tissue through a series of targeted massages to relieve pain in muscles, ligaments, tissues, nerves, tendons and[…]

There are millions of fitness conscious people in the world, all of whom pursue their passion for maintaining a healthy body through workouts, running and different forms of sports. Injuries, however, come as a part and parcel of this package, exposing athletes and fitness freaks to a lot of pain,[…]

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