Well, you may have noticed a lot of hype in the news recently in relation to Cannabidiol, CBD or hemp oil. I’ve even seen one article referring to 2018 as the year of CBD! So, what’s it all about, is it good for me or is it dangerous? Will I[…]


Marvellous Magnesium

Do you ever have difficulty sleeping, even though you feel exhausted? Feel anxious, but you’re not sure why? Have cravings for sugar and salt no matter how much you eat? These could be signs of a deficiency in a specific nutrient: magnesium. It is one of the most abundant minerals[…]


New Year, Fresh Start

It’s official – the festive session is over. The Christmas decorations are back in the loft and if like me, you’re probably feeling like you’ve well and truly over indulged on just about everything. For some people, January can be a tricky time of year. It marks a feeling of[…]