Exercise and age

Recent studies out of Illinois University, U.S.A. has found that children and teens who participated in aerobic exercise tended to process information faster and more efficiently. Although brisk exercise is not always necessary to helping your mental state, some form of exercise is. A study carried out on a group of 70 year old plus women with vascular disease all of whom gently exercised regularly over a five year period had a decreased level of cognitive decline. Although some things were slipping compared to sedentary peers they remained mentally quicker and sharper overall.

So if your ticking along, feeling sluggish, sipping the third glass of the evening and think its all over just because your spandex bulge in all the wrong places pause and think. Do I want to remain sharp, clear, concise and remember my telephone number to the glorious end of my days? Then put the glass down, exercise, raise your heartbeat and start pumping that blood (and wine) around your body. Don’t turn to mush, get up, get out and get moving and enjoy!

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