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Find an Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment Clinic in Surrey

Back pain affects over a million people in the UK, with 95 percent of patients experiencing it on their lower back. Specialty lower back pain treatment clinics exist to aid people who are suffering from this condition. Some of these clinics are in Surrey, and they offer a good selection of treatments that can alleviate pain and improve the symptoms. A reputable lower back pain treatment clinic in Surrey will take the time to determine the cause and reasons for the condition before recommending the right treatment or refer you to a qualified medical specialist. Here are tips for finding an effective lower back pain treatment centre in Surrey:

  • Take note of the location – Make sure that clinic the in Surrey or easily accessible from it. This way, you do not have to travel far for lower back pain treatment.
  • Determine the type of clinic – A reputable treatment centre may be a sports injury and rehabilitation centre that specialises in osteopathic treatments. Make sure it has skilled and qualified osteopaths who have the experience in treating lower back pain. Some of the best clinics specialise in work-related injuries, chronic and acute pain related injuries, and injury prevention, too.
  • Explore the treatment options offered by the clinic – Choose a lower back pain treatment clinic that offers treatments like active release technique, acupuncture, and osteopathy, but make sure that it has qualified therapists and osteopaths who are certified to perform and provide those treatments.
  • Make sure it offers tailor-made treatments – A good lower back pain treatment centre understands that each patient has unique needs. Hence, its treatment specialists will take the time to assess your condition before prescribing a treatment. Look for a clinic that can perform a full diagnostic biomechanical assessment, prescribe sports-specific rehabilitation and exercises, and administer manual treatment.

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