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Nike Golf Functional Performance

Nike Golf Functional Performance

As an NG360 Golf Movement Professional facility we will help you build on your existing skill sets by teaching you a functional and logical process of golf-specific principles, strategies and techniques. The continuous goal of the NG360 Functional Performance System (FPS) powered by Gray Institute is to increase your competency, confidence, and credibility in order to maximize your potential as a golfer.

As a NG360 GPS, we are partnering with Nike Golf and Gray Institute to advance your development as a golfer, so you can differentiate yourself from the rest.

NG360° FPS is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level.

NG360° FPS was designed to push the threshold of human performance. That means challenging the status quo. Traditional techniques and conventional wisdom were thrown out the window. We started from scratch. We started with the truth. Truth is based in science and driven by purpose. It is the WHY behind the HOW and WHAT we do. Our performance analysis and training techniques are guided by logical strategies derived from the Applied Functional Science™ principles of human movement.

Effective and efficient analysis leads to effective and efficient training. NG360° FPS brings it all together; the test is the exercise, and the exercise is the test.

Our Three Dimensional (3D) Performance Analysis and Training program delivers consistent improvement of golf-specific athleticism and performance


  • 3D swing analysis
  • 3D transformational zone analysis
  • 3D mostability analysis


  • 3D flexibility/mobility training
  • 3D stability/balance training

3D FPS TRAINING (continued)

  • 3D strength/power training
  • 3D speed/reaction training
  • 3D agility/coordination training
  • 3D fundamentals/skills training
  • 3D endurance/sustainability training
  • 3D resiliency/adaptability training
  • 3D recovery/restoration training

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