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Osteopathic Clinic In Guildford

Osteopathy is a gentler way to treat and relieve stiffness and pain without any medication and the need for invasive treatments. Kinesis clinic in Guildford town centre uses a system of diagnostics and treatment for many different medical conditions. Osteopathy works with the function and structure of your body, as it is based on the idea that a person’s well being depends on his or her muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, and skeleton working smoothly together. Hence, an osteopathy practitioner will examine your posture and observe your mobility by making you perform various movements to assess and determine your condition when figuring out what is wrong. The practitioner moves a certain body part for you to determine what hurts and when or where pain occurs. Manual techniques are non-invasive and gentle, and these may include joint manipulation and articulation, and soft tissue techniques. These techniques are applied to help reduce tension in the tissue and restore movement to your joints.

Osteopaths at Kinesis clinics, Guildford take time to assess and determine your condition. In case immediate treatment is inappropriate at the time of your first consultation, they can refer you to other clinical tests (such as an MRI or an x-ray) so you can get a better diagnosis and a more bespoke treatment programme to suit your needs.

Osteopathy can treat a wide range of conditions, but the NHS guidelines stated that it is particularly effective for lower back pain. Osteopathy can be used to help treat conditions like cervicogenic dizziness, migraines, shoulder girdle pain, tennis elbow, plantar fascitis, and frozen shoulders to name but a few.

You do not need to see your general practitioner before you come in for a consultation at Kinesis Clinic. You can book an appointment or consultation directly.

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