Every runner/sportsperson is likely to sustain an injury, in one way or another. Most running injuries occur when you either push yourself too hard or too fast. Some people choose to run through the pain, a practice that often goes on to worsen the injury. If you are an active[…]

Physical problems that are caused by work and sports related injuries, disease, illnesses, extended periods of inactivity, and ageing may be resolved or prevented with Osteopathy. The treatment is available in Guildford and offered in some of the local clinics. Osteopathy aims to maximise and maintain your body’s function, overall[…]

Back pain affects over a million people in the UK, with 95 percent of patients experiencing it on their lower back. Specialty lower back pain treatment clinics exist to aid people who are suffering from this condition. Some of these clinics are in Surrey, and they offer a good selection[…]

Osteopathy is a non-invasive and drug-free method of treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework (which includes your spine, muscles, and joints) to ensure overall health and well-being. It uses a system of treatment and diagnosis for a variety of different medical conditions. Osteopathy’s philosophy is what makes it unique from[…]

Osteopathy is a gentler way to treat and relieve stiffness and pain without any medication and the need for invasive treatments. Kinesis clinic in Guildford town centre uses a system of diagnostics and treatment for many different medical conditions. Osteopathy works with the function and structure of your body, as[…]

  Many running shops today use a heat sensitive pressure plate that you can stand on to reveal the areas of high and low pressure on the soles of the feet. This is an adaptation of the “wet-test.” The basic procedure where you wet the sole of your bare foot[…]

Overtraining? Suffering from loss of energy, unusually stiff muscles or even mood swings. They might seem like unrelated, but there’s one sports condition that links them all – overtraining! By referring to this guide you should be able work out if it’s overtraining that’s affecting your running – and what[…]

TEST: Are your goals really motivating you – or your team? As a coach or a keen sports person, you are most likely very familiar with  for yourself or your team and aware of the importance of making those goals SMART. As in specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely. Creating[…]

9 benefits of Performance Coaching. The role of a Performance coach is to help you train your mind in order for you to increase your performance and achieve your goals. Here are 9 ways performance coaching could benefit you: 1. Create crystal clear goals. Get specific about what precisely you[…]

Biceps Tendonitis

Biceps Tendonitis What is Shoulder Tendonitis/Bursitis? The terms shoulder tendonitis and shoulder bursitis are often used to indicate that there is inflammation within the shoulder joint, either to the tendons of the rotator cuff or the bursa, the fluid filled sac surrounding the tendons. As the tendons and bursa become[…]