Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow? (Lateral Epicondylitis) Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is pain or inflammation on the outside of the arm near the elbow, where the muscles and tendons in the forearm attach to the elbow’s bony area. In some cases, a partial tear of a tendon, which[...]

running cramp

Picture the scene; you’re out running (again!) It’s a fine, warm and bright spring evening and you have been pounding the beat for about 20 minutes. You’re in your stride, found your form, breathing like a racehorse and bounding like an antelope (well that’s how I imagine myself, while in[...]

Nike Golf Functional Performance

As an NG360 Golf Movement Professional facility we will help you build on your existing skill sets by teaching you a functional and logical process of golf-specific principles, strategies and techniques. The continuous goal of the NG360 Functional Performance System (FPS) powered by Gray Institute is to increase your competency,[...]

We often have patients who suffer from Nighttime Back Pain, and while at times the pain can be very severe, one of the major side effects is the lack of rest, people who suffer from nighttime can’t get a good night’s sleep … So let’s look at what could be[...]


Exercise and age

Recent studies out of Illinois University, U.S.A. has found that children and teens who participated in aerobic exercise tended to process information faster and more efficiently. Although brisk exercise is not always necessary to helping your mental state, some form of exercise is. A study carried out on a group[...]

So you think you can run barefoot because you read somewhere its meant to be better for you, right? Wrong! Think about it, ever since you stopped shuffling around on your behind and took a leap of faith and started to walk on your own two feet someone has shoved[...]