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9 benefits of Performance Coaching.

The role of a Performance coach is to help you train your mind in order for you to increase your performance and achieve your goals. Here are 9 ways performance coaching could benefit you:

1. Create crystal clear goals. Get specific about what precisely you want to achieve and define exactly how you want your experience to be.

2. Learn advanced visualisation techniques. Visualisation (using sight) is powerful. Learning to use ALL of your senses during visualisation, will enhance the outcome dramatically.

3. State management strategies – know how to change your state of mind and increase your resourcefulness in challenging situations.

4. Still your inner negative voices. (And replace with supportive ones.)

5. Be at your best (in the zone) more of the time. Find out how to gain access to the best version of you.

6. Increase your confidence and self-belief.

7. Chunking of goals – break the journey into manageable steps and feel more in control.

8. Create strategies to overcome obstacles and deal with the unexpected.

9. Free yourself from unwanted nerves, anxiety and self-doubt.

Performance coaching is NOW available at Kinesis Clinic. Having trained your body, book in for a session with Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner
Bonnie Rasmussen, and accelerate your results by training your mind.

For more information about Performance coaching, visit our main website here

Or you can call Kinesis Clinic directly at 01483 504314

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